Managed Services is a buzz word in our industry.  It is often oversold, under delivers and pits the customer against the service provider.  Often, its more about recurring revenue for the service provider.  Our solution meets several important needs with an automated software tool.

  • Automated patching and security updates for Windows and vulnerable applications like Java, Flash, Adobe Reader and many others
  • Monitoring and alerting for critical health conditions - failing hardware, broken anti-virus, stopped services
  • Hardware and software asset tracking
  • Remote control of computers for rapid problem resolution

Our approach is to offer the tool for a minimal monthly charge.  Much of the work is done by the software.  When there is a problem, we are alerted and can quickly fix the problem.

Manage My Tech Asset Tracking is free.  This is a great way to be introduced to what Manage My Tech can do for your company.



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