A network infrastructure that performs well is a foundation for your growth.  Tech Escalate helps with sensible network design and implementations that are affordable and scalable.  Some network technologies that are bringing good results include:


Many are using a hybrid of cloud and on-premises servers today.  Some applications need to be on-site for performance, security and compatibility reasons.


Most of our customers with on-premises servers are using this technology.  Virtualization makes it possible to have multiple virtual servers running on one physical computer - bringing big cost savings.  This makes it possible to set up a server once, then move it to new hardware easily when hardware need to be replaced - bringing a bigger return on the investment in a virtual server.  Disaster recovery is also more rapid and more flexible.

Thin Client computing

Instead of a PC on each desk, this provides users with a windows desktop session running on one server.  This remote windows desktop session is accessed from a small box using 5 watts of power.  It functions much like a PC - but easier and less expensive to maintain and more secure.  This technology is well suited to general office productivity and business applications.  It is not a good fit for graphics intensive work like editing video, computer aided design, graphic design.

Wireless Networking

We often find businesses still using a single consumer-grade access point purchased a few years ago.  This is often inadequate to support the many devices that are coming on to networks such as smart phones and tablets.  There are now affordable new wireless technologies that give better coverage, throughput and security.



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