Remote support is better support for the following reasons.

  1. Our technicians can see what is on your screen, so you demonstrate the problem and we can verify the solution.
  2. Help can travel at the speed of internet rather than driving to your location.
  3. After hours troubleshooting can take place if that is more convenient and less disruptive.

Take Control is our tool for remote support.   When downloading, some browsers will ask you to save the file, then run it.  You may get a warning that is not commonly downloaded.  If you trust us, click Run. Windows SmartScreen may prevent you from installing also, so click More Info, Run Anyway.  The installer runs in the background.  When it is complete, we will be able to connect to your computer to help.

To remove, go to settings or control panel, programs, then uninstall Advanced Monitoring Agent.  This will also uninstall the Take Control MSP anywhere or Teamviewer host install.  To resume any of our ManageMyTech services, the agent would need to be reinstalled.

 Install Links

 ManageMyTech Web Install Full - the full agent with patching, remote support, asset management

 ManageMyTech Asset Tracking only

ManageMyTech Take control only (no patching)- usually for short term support needs

What about security?

Great question!  Several thoughts:

  1. Only our technicians and users we create for you can connect remotely using our tool 
  2. Logins are protected by two factor authentication - a username and password is entered, then a six digit security code is required that changes every 60 seconds.
  3. Logins and sessions are encrypted.
  4. Our default policy is for you to grant permission to connect.  We initiate the connection, and you have the chance to close anything you wish before you grant access.  Here one of our computers named Rainier is trying to connect.  The user has 60 seconds to grant access.


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