"So economical that it will pay for itself in energy savings"  That claim is often made in one form or another.  Is it true in the IT world?

 So what does it cost to run some common IT devices?

Device Watts Cost
Wyse thin client device, 2013 6 1.20
PC mini tower, vintage 2008 55  13.77


Usage determined by running device through Kill-A-Watt device, dividing KWh used by hours in use.  That rate is then multiplied by  9 hours per day, 250 days per year, 11 cents per Kilowatt-Hour.

Is this a super scientific test - no.  But the cost of a $300 thin client would take 24 years to recover on energy saving alone. 

Bottom line, there are some saving to realize by turning the computers off a the end of the day.  But for most small-medium sized businesses, a huge investment in power savings probably won't pay back fast enough.

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